White Lillies

Life Coaching

Why you should be coached by me? 

I create an atmosphere with a foundation built on faith that will push you into your God-given purpose and calling. Whether you are stuck in your decision making, seeking a new  purpose driven life, or just want to get closer to God I will walk alongside you through the journey. 


Several Ways To Receive Coaching

  • Discovery Call: Is Coaching for Me?

  • Goals ($300 for 4 sessions) 

      I’m stuck at the fork in the road and facing major decisions or challenges 

  • Grind ($450 for 6 sessions)

      Want to start a new career, Big Move, Transitions in life 

  • Grace ($99 per session 2 session minimum)

      Discover your purpose, identify unique gifts/talents, address life’s challenges

*Sessions are 1hr each


Speaking Engagements 



I create unique workshops to discuss the benefits of Grief Recovery and how it may effect: 

  • Grief/Loss in the Workplace 

  • Grief/Loss in the Church

  • Grief/Loss in School


        In the workplace, companies may lose revenue if grief/loss is not properly dealt with. Productivity may be low as well as company morale. Along with the benefits of grief recovery, I provide you with signs and an open forum for a safe place to discuss grief with your company. 


        In Schools, I would work specifically with the administration to openly discuss how grief/loss may effect staff as well as students who may experience loss. 


        In the church, although grief is discussed in church, myths about grief and how to deal with grief may not. I will present a health way to deal with grief amongst church administrators and congregants. There are a lot of people that may have a loss of faith during times of grief. It’s important to be sensitive to that time, and allow God to do his work.