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Grief Recovery

Why should you receive grief recovery? 

Grief is the normal and natural emotional response to loss, but most of the information learned about dealing with loss is intellectual. Brianna offers1:1 and group grief support services as a Grief Recovery Method Specialist through the Grief Recovery Institute. Effective grief recovery must deal with your broken heart, which requires emotional support instead of intellectual explanations. Therefore, Brianna is ready to offer you a safe, evidence-based environment for grievers to take effective and lasting action, no matter the type of loss experienced.


What Is Grief Recovery

  • An awareness of the emotional reaction to grief. I will help you deal with the emotional reaction to all the things you wish would have happened differently, better or more.


  • Along with the unrealized  hopes, dreams, and expectations of the future.

  • My job is to help people discover and complete what was unfinished. Then move into a life transformed, leaving all the pain and hurt behind. 


  • As a result of working with me, you will find hope in knowing recovery is possible through actionable steps we’ll take together. 

Support Group Session
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Helping Children with Loss

             Did you know that children, even from the age of two are aware of  death, or losing someone they love? Children often grieve normally, and naturally but at times aren’t able to do so because those around them may unintentionally interrupt the process. This is the beginning of unresolved grief at a young age. Because of the unresolved grief, it most likely manifests itself into adulthood and ultimately in relationships later in life.

             Well intended parents may not in fact have the education to help their children grieve naturally. Telling children to “be strong” or “move on, I’ll buy you a new puppy” can often times do more harm than good.

              Helping Children with Loss is a program for any adult dealing with children of any age that have experienced a loss. This could be losing a pet, parents divorcing, or death of a loved one.

The program includes

  1. Education on what healthy grieving looks like

  2. How to support a child while they naturally grieve

  3. Receive the tools to help a child complete their emotions toward unresolved grief, which will ultimately heal their little hearts.


Forms of Grief/Loss

  • Death

  • Moving

  • Addiction/Sobriety

  • Loss of faith/trust/safety/identity

  • Loss of health

  • Pet Loss

  • Changes in career

  • Childhood abuse/neglect

  • Break ups of a romantic relationships

  • Life transitions: (i.e. empty nest, retirement, getting married)

Myths about grief

  • Don’t feel bad

  • Replace the Loss

  • Grieve Alone

  • Time Heals All Wounds

  • Be Strong For Others

  • Keep Busy 

  • First year is the hardest

  • Finding closure

  • If your not crying your not sad


Cost For Sessions

Grief 1 one 1:  $497 ( 7 sessions)

Grief Group: $397 (8 sessions)

Helping Children with Loss: $295 (4 sessions)


*All Sessions Are Virtual via Zoom*